About Us


We are a distributor of various health, safety  and wellness products.


Our humble beginning came from the need to create a better quality non-slip socks that last for many uses. GrippyPlus socks has an innovative design (Provisional patent AU2019902179) combining fun and functionality. Grips are placed where it matters – around the heels and sides. Designed by a physiotherapist for aussie feet, we aim to give you the right  fit every single time. All our grippy socks has a P5 slip resistance rating. The hospital range has a water repellent feature which provides additional cost-saving. Contact us directly for wholesale/B2B inquiries.


We are expanding and growing our product range in the health and fitness industry. Our own brand of Surgical masks complies to AS4381:2015 standard. Available soon.


Patricia SmithHead Nurse

These are fantastic socks, the patients are happy and the grip on the floor works well.  Great Idea! Highly recommended.

The GrippyPlus Difference

  • Grip placement where it matters – heels and sides.
  • Patented design.
  • Grip on heels helps to prevent slip during foot contact.
  • Wide sole and wide open top accommodate swelling and/or worn over bandages.
  • Designed for Aussie feet.
  • Heel to toe grip points provide more comfort.
  • See your feet at night with the glow in the dark feature.